My work contains images of stars, charts, and maps. Few of the images correspond to existing information. In the course of looking at and thinking about the images, new meaning is created. How is it that we connect diverse information together to make meaning? How do we decide which words or images best represent what we are thinking, communicating, or feeling? The connections we do form are fluid. They change as we encounter new information. These networks of information are able define where we are physically, mentally, and emotionally. In searching for my own place, I also ask: Where are you?

William Nussbaum hails from the outskirts of a small town in the Northwestern United States. During his undergraduate studies at the University of Idaho, he was drawn into the world of printmaking. Since then he has explored techniques both traditional and contemporary. In his continuing pursuit of printmaking, he trained two years at the Print Art Research Center located in Seoul. Nussbaum’s cultural and artistic experience in Seoul played a key role in his transition into a professional printing position with Island Press of Washington University in St. Louis.

He is currently working for a fine art publisher in St. Louis and building a new studio.


2018 – Pr.    Graphics at LFA, St. Louis, MO, USA
2017 – 18     Faculty Assistant, Island Press, Washington University in St. Louis, MO, USA
2015 – 17     Printing Assistant, Print Art Research Center, Seoul, KOR

        2017     Intern, Island Press, Washington University in St. Louis, MO, USA
        2014     Intern, Print Art Research Center, Seoul, KOR
        2011     BFA, Studio Art (Printmaking/Design) University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA
                     Volunteer, Roy Chatters Newspaper & Printing Museum, Palouse, WA, USA
2010 – 11     Printmaking Studio Intern, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA

        2017     Underland, Wonderland, Heartist House, KOR
        2016     Dirty Fingers’ 섞다, Space 9, KOR
                      ANKR International Mail Art Exhibition, Gallery-i, KOR
                      어머니의 대지, ARA Art Center, KOR
                      Small Prints, Paper Crown Cafe, KOR

        2015     2nd International Contempory Exhibition, Gallery-i, KOR
                     Picture, Namsan Public Library, KOR
                     Jeonju Biennial, Jeonbuk Yeseolhwaegwan, KOR
                     KCPA Juried Show Seoul Museum of Art, Gyeong Hui Gung, KOR
                     Archaioposterus, Yogiga, KOR
        2014     Bridge, Riverview 8th Avenue Gallery, KOR
                     Reflect, Golden Grind Coffee Shop, USA

        2013     Solo Exhibition: Personal Bearings, Seoshin Gallery, KOR
                     Midnight Moonshine, LA Pop-up shop, USA

        2011     BFA Thesis, Ridenbaugh Gallery, USA
                     Solo Exhibition, Java Coffee House, USA
                     Class of 2011, Reflections Gallery, USA
                     Undergrad Juried Exhibition, Ridenbaugh Gallery, USA

        2017     Visiting Artist for Jason Hicks, Xavier Charter School, Twin Falls, ID, USA
                     SGCI Professional member
                     SGCI Terminus conference, USA
        2016     CEPA Artist Gathering & Workshop, KOR
2015 – 16     Art Network Korea, member, KOR
        2015     Instructor, drypoint & etching workshop, PARC, KOR
        2012     Leftovers IV Print Exchange, Boise, ID, USA
        2011     SGCI Equilibrium conference, St. Louis, MO, USA
                     Organizer/Curator, printmaking studio open house, USA

        2014     Korean Prints in the Sky, Printeresting, 16 OCT 2014, <link>
        2011     Pictorial and Textual Representation, thesis, University of Idaho

        2013     “자, 당신은 어디에 있나요?” Jeonbuk Ilbo, Kim Won Yong, 23 JUL 2013
                     “윌리엄 누스바움 개인전,“ JeonbukJungang News, Lee Byeong Jae, 24 JUL 2013
        2012     “Tumblr Design Spotlight," October - December
                     “Tumblr Tuesday,” 02 OCT 2012, <link>
        2011     RAWR Weekly cover, volume 18, APR 2011, University of Idaho

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